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Our successful establishment in the region of Thessaly and, then, in the rest of Greece was achieved by the founder of the company, Alexandros Giannakos. The continuation of our activities, the expansion of our equipment and our increasingly provided services, are however also due to Thomas and Dimitrios Giannakos, who contributed in the completion of the present image of the company with their knowledge and continuous personal participation and work. Today, the company GIANNAKOS employs a large number of employees, in various jobs.

The company is staffed by experienced employees, with integrity, organizational disposition and a customer-oriented approach. In this way, we can deal with any issue that may occur. We collaborate with operators, drivers and responsible professionals. All the above compose the profile of a company that constantly aims at the continuation of its successful course.


The improvements and maintenance we perform, on a daily basis, and the excellent functioning of our modern equipment compose a corporate image which aims at issues of environmental protection, as well as quality management of the works in progress.

The development of mild, renewable forms of energy in Greece during the last years and our cooperation in the construction of Wind Farms have provided to our company a specialization in this field. Thus, we also contribute actively to the cessation of combustion of fossil fuel and the improvement of environmental conditions. We respect and adopt the need for use of clean energy sources. We collaborate with all the large Greek and international construction companies, aiming at the perfect analysis and study of every stage of transport and lifting procedures. These procedures are controlled and managed with the help of all modern computer communications. All these specially designed programs secure the requirements of every project, based on their specifications and outline plans.


The company GIANNAKOS, responding to the demands of the modern competitive environment, has developed the Total Quality Management, which is applied, on a daily basis, to the full range and scope of its activities, by the Quality Manager Officer. We hold the following certifications:

1. ELOT EN ISO 9001 : 2008
2. ELOT EN ISO 14001 : 2004
3. OHSAS 18001 : 2007 / ELOT 18001 : 2008
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