Special Transport

Special transport operations consist for us one of the most important fields of activity, since 1999. Alexandros Giannakos and Sons, in cooperation with companies that hold a leading place in their sector, have managed to be distinguished in the transport of wind turbines to known wind farms and the transport of prestressed beams and loads that are characterized by their large volume and huge weight.
Always operating having as main concern the “type of load” that we must transport every time, and having a wide range of state-of-the-art mechanical equipment, we earned the leading position in the market of Thessaly and consist now, one of the most important operator in the sector, in all of Greece! The main concern of the company GIANNAKOS is the frequent renewal of its vehicle fleet - given the particular handling that each load requires -, so that it can remain in the frontline in terms of provision of services to its clients.